Chariot Project

Road Infrastructure and Transport Security CHARIOT PROJECT

In the framework of the PIARC – World Road Association, held in Paris (30-31 January 2020), Task 3.1. Road Infrastructure and Transport Security (work cycle 2020-2023) Chariot project was presented by Mr. Andrea Chiappetta – CEO – ASPISEC – showing the results achieved until now by the consortium and the role played by the cyber-security issues that are growing every day and an incorrect adoption of strategies, even the role played by an unsecured Firmware could jeopardize the whole (hard) infrastructures. The Chariot project provided important answers to overcome these issues in the critical infrastructures field, in particular covering the Airports, Trains and smart building. All these sectors, including roads, are linked by the massive adoption of IoT sensors. All these new technologies of course will provide an important progress but it is fundamental remember the role of cyber-security