Chariot Project


CHARIOT, consisting of 11 partners from 7 countries, officially launched its activities with the organisation of the consortium kick-off meeting that was held in Athens, Greece, on 6-7 February 2018. All consortium partners were present at the CHARIOT Kick-off-meeting that was very successful into bringing all partners together and start the first project activities, establish a common project vision, discuss and communicate contributions and expectations from each partner and discuss the approach, management structure and critical milestones while at the same time go through the contractual and administrative duties and reporting procedures of the project.

CHARIOT provides a design method and cognitive computing platform supporting a unified approach towards Privacy, Security and Safety (PSS) of IoT Systems including the following innovations:

  • A Privacy and security protection method building on state of the art Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technologies
    to enable the coupling of a pre-programmed private key deployed to IoT devices with a corresponding private key on Blockchain system.
  • A Blockchain ledger in which categories of IoT physical, operational and functional changes are both recorded and affirmed/approved by a combination of a cognitive engine and private key hashing between the cognitive engine and IoT devices to authorize change and, likewise, invalidating any and all other changes be they malicious or otherwise.
  • A fog-based decentralized infrastructure for Firmware Security integrity checking that leverages a Blockchain ledger to enhance physical, operational and functional security of IoT systems, including actuation and deactivation.
  • An accompanying IoT Safety Supervision Engine providing a novel solution to the challenges of securing IoT data, devices and functionality in new and existing industry-specific safety critical systems.
  • A Cognitive System and Method with accompanying supervision, analytics and prediction models enabling high security and integrity of Industrials IoT.
  • New methods and tools for static code analysis of IoT devices, resulting in more efficient secure and safer IoT software development and V&V.

Three Living Labs will demonstrate realistic and compelling heterogeneous solutions through industry reference implementations at representative scale, with the underlying goal of demonstrating that Secure, Privacy Mediated and Safety IoT imperatives are collectively met, in turn delivering a key stepping stone to the EU’s roadmap for the next generation IoT platforms and services.